Is Pacific Tech a Value Added Distributor?

Pacific Tech is a Value Added Distributor of Cybersecurity and Data Protection since 2009. The product vendors we represent relies on Pacific Tech to recruit and enable channel partners, run marketing programs, carry out lead generation events, conduct sales and solution training and engineering services.

Is Pacific Tech a Regional Distributor?

Pacific Tech distributes products and services in ASEAN countries. We have local sales and technical teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. We work with channel partners across all ASEAN countries.

What are the products or solutions that Pacific Tech distributes

Pacific Tech distributes Cybersecurity and Data Protection products; network and application Firewalls (Fortinet, Forcepoint, Sophos), Endpoint Detection and Response (Fortinet, SecureAge, Sophos), Network and Application Delivery Controllers and protection (Extreme Networks, Fortinet, Kemp, Radware), Distributed Denial of Service (Cloudflare, Radware), Mobile Security (Lookout), Identity and Multi-factor Authentication (Fortinet, Indeed, Onespan), Data Protection solutions (Finalcode, Forcepoint, SecureAge, Thales), Cloud Web Security (Cloudflare, Forcepoint, Radware), Risk assessment and compliance (Firemon, Rapid7). For a complete vendor and product list, please refer to our vendors page.

Does Pacific Tech offers installation and maintenance services?

Pacific Tech offers a number of engineering services together; this includes engineering consultancy/advisory, architecture, installation, maintenance support (onsite and offsite), penetration testing and pro-active cloud monitoring services. For a complete list of services, please refer to our services and support page.

What is the technical support contact of Pacific Tech?

For a complete contact list of our Technical support helpline, please refer to our contact us page

Does Pacific Tech conducts technical training to partners and end users?

Pacific Tech sales and engineering team conducts product and technical training regularly. To be included into the training invite/calendar mailing list, please email to marketing@pacifictech.com.sg.

How do I be a channel partner of Pacific Tech?

Please email to sales@pacifictech.com.sg or fill the contact form at contact us.

How do we contact Pacific Tech for enquiries on products, vendors, quotations, or engineering services?

Please refer to our contact us page for sales and support contacts in individual countries, you may also fill in the contact form on the page and we will get back to you shortly.

Is Pacific Tech Bizsafe certified?

Pacific Tech is Bizsafe Level 3 certified.

Does Pacific Tech have certified sales and engineering personnel?

Each sales and engineering person within Pacific Tech will have to undergo vendor training and certification. He/She will need to be qualified by product vendor prior to performing activity.