CNETMOS - Cloud Network Monitoring

Pacific Tech’s CNETMOS is a Value-added-Service which provide remote monitoring and alerting services of your network devices. This service is provided as complimentary to all network firewall purchased through Pacific Tech Pte Ltd. With this service in place, customer will be alerted for any potential or possible problems that could interrupt their internet access. This ease-of-mind assurance service also helps customer in making capacity planning for their internet access.

CNETMOS service also provides customer access to CNETMOS personalized portal to view asset health status, alert, malware, attack trending as well as detail information of the malware/threat detected by your asset.

CNETMOS Cloud Manager polls each monitored device for:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • WAN port utilization
  • WAN Port link status

CNETMOS Cloud Manager as SNMP trap receiver to receive monitored devices traps. * Monitored device support sending out of SNMP traps.

CNETMOS triggers and email alert to subscriber’s IT Admin when the monitored device’s CPU, Memory, WAN port utilization exceeds threshold or when it’s monitored WAN port goes ‘down’.



CNETMOS Cloud Manager provides easy to use Portal for subscriber to view monitored devices for:

  • Top Malware detected and trend
  • Top Intrusion Attack detected and trend
  • CNETMOS Threat brief
  • Global Threat information
  • Device Alert notifications

CNETMOS Datasheet